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After investing a lot of coin in your beautiful golden locks, the last thing you want to do is have damaged, brassy hair. Here are 4 simple ways to keep your blonde hair happy and healthy!
You may have thought of peppermint as the perfect way to steam away a cold or use as a necessary pre-date breath freshener, but have you ever considered what it could be able to do for your hair?
There really is nothing worse than having an itchy, dry and flaky scalp when winter comes around. The lowering temperatures mean we’re constantly reaching for the lip balm, hand cream or moisturiser, and keeping your skin and hair in good condition can be a major hassle.
Babes, we put our hair under a LOT of stress these days. From everyday washing in scorching hot water, to blow drying and straightening, to bleaching, dyeing and perming - our hair goes through a lot.
Everyone needs time to themselves. Here is why you should be taking a time-out from your busy life every now and then.

Summer is finally around the corner, but before you strip down to your bikini and run around the sprinkler, here are some handy pointers to keeping your hair healthy this sunny season.

Not only do avocados provide a delicious addition to our nachos, they also give us their oil which is amazing for our hair & skin. Here are just a few reasons why we love avocado oil.
Say “hello” to our new scented Hair Rejuvenation Treatment range. Our oil based pre-shampoo treatment will take you to paradise with new scents - watermelon, passionfruit & papaya and coconut & vanilla.
Love treating your locks to a Hair&Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment every week? Here are other uses for our treatment other than the hair on your head!
You wake up in the morning after pressing snooze on your alarm one to many times. Now you are running late for work, your hair is a mess with no time to wash & style it, so you grab the trusty can of dry-shampoo out of the bathroom cabinet & spray your troubles away.
Spring has officially sprung, and the warmer weather usually inspires us to lighten up our hair. But there’s a problem - you’re a dark-haired beauty and you’re not sure how your hair is going to like the process.