Avoiding heat damaged hair.

When it comes to hair, heat sucks. While it can help make that perfect daily style, it can also damage your hair without you even knowing!

From the salon inspired blow wave or wavy curl down to the simple household heated hair dryer there is no escaping the damage that comes with heat styling tools when exposed to high temperatures on a regular basis.

Obviously signs of hair heat damage include things such as dryness and lack of volume. If your are experiencing breakage or think your hair is just feeling lifeless then you may be victim to heat damage. Heat styling natural hair can alter the protein bonds in your hair and permanently change them which may lead to lack of moisture retaining properties.

Heat damage is permanent and the only way to restore your hairs natural style is with a good old chop! Your hair is naturally beautiful just the way it is, however if you must use heat styling tools and hot blow driers consider using protection, babe.

A heat protection spray will help to protect your hair with lightweight product that will usually evaporate which can help to stop the damage in its tracks.

Also consider hydrating your hair with a hair treatment to increase moisture and add volume.