How to grow out your bangs: a survival guide

Maybe you wanted a dramatic change, or you saw a photo of Rachel McAdams while scrolling through Pinterest and thought “I can totally pull off bangs.” So you head to the salon. Fast forward to one week later and you’re asking yourself why you let your hairdresser do this to you…we’ve all been there, babe. Growing out your bangs has been proven to be tough, but here are some tips for you to help you through the process…


1. Braid it back.

Get creative with your hair and add some braids to you daily do. Your fringe will be out of sight, out of mind.


2. Sweep it to the side.

Begin to train your fringe to sweep to the side, making the growing out process a lot easier.


3. Opt for a curtain fringe.

When your fringe begins to get a big longer, start parting your fringe down the middle, flipping out the sides, giving you a fabulous curtain fringe that isn’t covering your eyes.


4. Accessorise.

Headbands, scarves, pins, anything you can get you hands on!


4. Patience is key.

We know - the waiting game is awful, but we believe in you, babe! You can help encourage hair growth with ingredients like avocado oil & peppermint oil, found in our Peppermint Intense Repair Mask!