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Keeping your hair healthy while on holidays

April 04, 2018

hair care while travelling.

Going on holiday, whether adventurous or relaxing, one thing always seems to get a little neglected - our hair. Here’s a few tips to keep your locks beautiful on your next trip.


Pack a fabulous hat to keep the UV from causing damage to your locks and scalp.


Treat yo’self - You still need to “treat yo’self” while away from home. This will ensure no serious holiday damage will be done. Our Hair Rejuvenation Treatments are such a convenient size, you can put on in your luggage without taking up too much space.


Up-do your do - Learn a few easy up-dos for your hair (thank you YouTube) so you can keep it back while you are off on your adventures, reducing the risk of tangling or damage.


Relax and unwind -You’re on holidays, and so is your hair. Give heat styling a rest to give your locks a break.


Pack your essentials - There is nothing worse than getting to the hotel and having to use the hotel complimentary shampoo & conditioner. It can lead to your hair drying out, breakage and dull looking hair. Packing your own shampoo & conditioner will save you, and your hair, a lot of stress.