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Taking care of your hair in Summer.

Summer is finally around the corner, but before you strip down to your bikini and run around the sprinkler, here are some handy pointers to keeping your hair healthy this sunny season.


Be mindful of the water your hair is swimming in. Chemicals in pools can take a toll on your hair, from drying it out, to turning it green. 


Keep your hair hydrated when you hit the beach.The high salt levels in the ocean pull out the moisture in your locks. 


Purchase a fabulous hat. This will reduce damage caused by wind &will help protect your locks & scalp from UV rays.

Use a hair product that contains UV filters. It will protect your hair from sun damage and colour change, keeping your colour looking fresher for longer.

If you are unfortunate enough to get a little red on your scalp, try a Peppermint Hair Rejuvenation Treatment. It’s naturally soothing and hydrating, and contains avocado oil which is a natural fighter against UV rays!


Let your hair take a break. Just like us, our hair needs a holiday too! Spend a few days a week ignoring your styling tools, letting your hair run wild & free!