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Tips to Maintain Blonde Hair

After investing a lot of coin in your beautiful golden locks, the last thing you want to do is have damaged, brassy hair. Here are 4 simple ways to keep your blonde hair happy and healthy!


Use a blonde toning shampoo…

Keep the brassiness away with a blonde toning shampoo to maintain your colour. Use along with a hydrating conditioner to make sure your hair doesn’t dry out.


Trim regularly…

Bleach can take it’s toll on your hair and dry ends can ruin your entire hairstyle, making your hair look and feel tired and unhealthy. Keep your hair feeling and looking fabulous with a regular trim from your stylist.


Treat yourself…

Regular hair treatments will work wonders on your hair, keeping your locks hydrated, healthy & looking fresh while promoting new growth.


Be mindful of water…

With the weather warming up, blonde babes need to be careful with where they are putting their hair. Chlorine & salt water dehydrates hair and can cause colour changes. Before you go for a swim, wet your hair with fresh water. This way, the chlorine won’t be able to enter the hair shaft as easily and won’t be able to do as much damage as it would if you entered the water with dry hair. Make sure you still rinse your hair after you go for a dip - no one likes discoloured hair!