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Why you should probably ditch the dry shampoo..

You wake up in the morning after pressing snooze on your alarm one to many times. Now you are running late for work, your hair is a mess with no time to wash & style it, so you grab the trusty can of dry-shampoo out of the bathroom cabinet & spray your troubles away. Sound familiar?


This has happened to the best of us, (more than once), but next time you go to pick up the knight-in-shining-can think about the damage this can cause your hair…


  • Dry shampoo can leave a dusty looking residue on your hair & scalp which not only looks terrible but can lead to clogged pores, resulting in pimples as well as attracting dirt, pollution & bacteria.


  • Be careful if you have a sensitive scalp or are prone to dandruff. The use of dry shampoo can make this worse.


  • Dry shampoo can clog your hair follicles which can disrupt hair growth. It’s important to wash your hair to get all the nastiness out, unclog your hair follicles and make room for new growth.


Don’t get us wrong, babe. Dry shampoo has gotten us all out of a bad hair day more than once & we aren’t telling you to throw it in the bin. Just don’t make this part of your everyday hair routine to make sure you are keeping your locks healthy, and use only in emergency situations.