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Shopping for your new spring wardrobe, Babe? We know you will look fabulous in everything, but here are the colours that work best with your hair.
Experiencing dry, red, itchy skin, babe? Here are some helpful tips to get you back on track to hydrated, beautiful skin.
Maybe you wanted a dramatic change, or you saw a photo of Rachel McAdams while scrolling through Pinterest and thought “I can totally pull off bangs.”
Sulphates & parabens are commonly found in shampoo, and let’s get real…they’re no good for your hair. We know what you’re thinking;
Let’s get real, Babe. We all want beautifully healthy locks, and by using Hair&Me’s hair care products, you are already well on your way to your dream hair.
Coconut oil is amazing to treat dry scalp and dandruff and the hydration offered by coconut oil is out of this world, babe.
Every babe wants Rapunzel length hair.. well maybe not quite that length however fast natural hair growth is on every girls wish list.
When it comes to hair, heat sucks. While it can help make that perfect daily style, it can also damage your hair without you even knowing!
Going on holiday, whether adventurous or relaxing, one thing always seems to get a little neglected - our hair. Here’s a few tips to keep your locks beautiful on your next trip.
Who doesn't love a cute braid? Whether its a simple braided pony through to a double dutch braid we are obsessed.