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Yes! We are an 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free company.
Our treatment can be applied to damp hair, starting from your roots – down to your ends, ensuring that you have good coverage. Most other brands suggest dry hair however this can lead to easy over use and make product difficult to remove. You may comb the treatment through if you wish. We recommend wearing a shower cap or hot towel during the processing time however this is optional. After treatment shampoo and condition your hair as normal.
Leave in for roughly 30-45 minutes as its all organic – the longer the better! (however you can still gain benefits using less time if needed) You may also sleep with the treatment in over night if you wish, however this can get messy so please ensure your pillow case is protected as the oils may stain.
Use roughly the size of a golf ball, however you may use less or more depending on your hair. Our satchets contains roughly enough product for 3-5 treatments – depending on the length and thickness of your hair. The bag contains a resealable lid so you can seal and store the treatment until you are ready to use it again!
Our products are 100% oil based, and as such need to be thoroughly washed after use. We recommend you shampoo your hair at least twice to ensure the product is removed. For people with finer hair, try to ensure you use the treatment sparingly – a little goes a long way!
YES! and YES! Our product is designed to hydrate your hair and scalp, which is fantastic for people with coloured, bleached or damaged hair. It works great for extensions also, but we recommend if you wear tape in extensions you ensure that you do not cover the tape in the treatment as the oil may affect the tapes adhesion.
You can store the treatment in your bathroom cupboard or shower or even fridge, however as it is an oil based product, the best consistency for application is a soft cream like texture. To obtain this we recommend the following: If liquid, place your treatment in the fridge for 15-30 minutes prior to use, If solid, run the packet under some warm water and massage with hands until it feels soft. Please note the treatments temp and consistency will not effect the benefits and is simply to allow easier application.
As this is a 100% organic treatment, results may vary, some people have reported great results after first use, others may not notice a change until 3-5 treatments.
Please note that this oil based treatment is not like a chemical treatment from a salon or chemist. Our product is design to strengthen and hydrate the hair from deep inside. Working from the inside – out! It also focuses on your scalps moisture, also fighting dandruff and dry skin conditions. It is also designed to cut your blow drying time by 30-50% as the oil is absorbed into the hair, pushing trapped water from the cuticle out.
Whilst the ingredients used in our products have a long shelf life – (some even years!) we recommend once opened you use your treatment within 3-6 months, this shouldn’t be hard as it is simply irresistible!
We’d recommend you use the treatment at least once a week – this will ensure best results! However this will depend on your hair type. You may wish to use the product more frequently if your hair is extremely dry or chemically damaged.
If you believe your order should of arrived by now, please contact us and we will assist.
We recommend you immediately stop use of the product and seek suitable medical attention. Please note due to the nature of our products we are unable to offer refunds on allergic reactions.