#HairSquad Auto Supply - Hair&Me

Hey babe, are you lost? Would you like to shop the International store?

Lets face it - we're all busy #girlbosses.

Picture this.. its a cold Winters morning - you stumble into the shower, hair a mess. You reach for your favourite shampoo and suddenly it hits you.. you forgot to reorder last week when you were running low and now your out.

Now imagine not having to worry because you know every 14, 30 or 60 days youll have a fresh supply arriving on your door step without you having to even swipe a finger.

Say hello to the #hairsquad.

Its like your mums magazine subscription to Better Homes & Gardens - only a lot cooler.

Not only will you receive your products regularly with no hassle, you'll also get exclusive hints & tips, special offers and first access to new products!

Try it out with these products, babe!